Want to buy a castle?

June 7, 2014

castleIf you’ve ever wanted to own your own California-style castle and you just happen to have a spare $2.2 million, you’re in luck.

A Santa Cruz icon is up for sale and it could be yours. It’s also known as the Court of Mysteries. 

And it’s being advertised on Craigslist, no less.

“This is the legendary “Red Castle,” one of Santa Cruz’s historical and unparalleled privately owned real estate landmarks. It is available for sale. Looking at construction alone, its red brick, reinforced concrete, and inlays of Mother-of-Pearl, distinguishes this property as a monument to masterful building craftsmanship. The design — like no other — makes the Red Castle an architectural wonder. The decorative use of Mother-of-Pearl and brick make it a truly unique work of art.

This property consists of FOUR (4) contiguous lots!

FOR MORE INFORMATION, GO TO www.redcastleforsale.com”

Lauren Helper of the Silicon Valley Business Journal recently took a deeper look at the history of this oddity. 

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