Santa Cruz selected the sixth most vegetarian-friendly city

January 21, 2014

According to Estately, a national online real estate search site, Santa Cruz is number 6 in the country when it comes to most vegetarian-friendly cities.

From the blurb about Santa Cruz – “One of the original havens for alternative eaters, there are vegetarians in Santa Cruz who have been abstaining from meat since before you were born; according to SF Gate, the vegetarian and vegan scene in Santa Cruz has been burgeoning since 1965. As a result, there are now tons of vegetarian and vegan restaurants, and the UC Santa Cruz is so crazy about going meat-free, it even has a vegetarian spot on campus.”

Here’s the entire list: 


One Response to Santa Cruz selected the sixth most vegetarian-friendly city

  1. January 26, 2014 at 8:27 am

    The thing is, it’s easy for any restaurant to be vegetarian-friendly: just don’t put meat or meat products in any dish where it’s not actually needed. For the vegans, don’t add dairy or eggs to dishes that don’t need them. Olive oil and/or vegetable broth are great substitutes in most cases, soy products in some others.

    A lot of local restaurants, and not just vegetarian ones, do this. It’s not because they’re enlightened; it’s because they have customers who need this: not just vegetarians and vegans, but also the lactose intolerant.

    Santa Cruz does a great job at this. I never would have guessed Philadelphia for number 1, though!

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