California’s roller coasters spotlighted in New York Times

August 5, 2013

SantaCruz_BeachBoardwalk_GiantDipper_Train_DSCN9394New York Times reporter Mekado Murphy recently traveled to California to check out some of the many roller coasters in our fair state.

In a fun multimedia piece called “Taking the Plunge on California’s Coasters,” he highlights his five favorites. The first one? Our own Giant Dipper, of course.

“One of the most exciting aspects of the ride is the way that it starts. Just after leaving the station, it enters a pitch-black tunnel and twists and turns even before getting to the lift. After the first drop is an immediate hard turn that leads to a couple of hills before another turn and a set of bouncy hills. If you like the wind through your hair and your stomach in your throat, Giant Dipper is a fairly no-frills path to a feverish amount of air time, that feeling of weightlessness that coaster lovers crave.”

See the piece here. 

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