The man behind Verve Coffee’s sweet swag

August 22, 2013


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The website Sprudge has a fun interview with Kevin Tudball, the head of creative for Verve Coffee Roasters.

He’s the guy who designs all the cool T-shirts, hoodies, mugs and other swag sold by the Santa Cruz company. Previously Tudball worked for another homegrown Santa Cruz company- O’Neill Clothing – but he based in Southern California. A trip to the Santa Cruz with the company helped him get hooked on our city.

“Your first Verve product was the pirate shirt – can you tell us the story behind that?

Not only was it my first product, I designed it on my first day! I walked into the office and the guys were working on a new shirt for their store opening. They wanted to send it to print that day, but decided to let me take a stab at it. Since I had to move quick I dove into my sketchbooks and paintings and found one that I had made when I was living in Southern California. I had done a series of sailors and pirates, but this one in particular resembled Santa Cruz surf legend Jack O’Neill. While I never intended it to be him, I knew it would resonate with the community here.”

The full interview is here. Christa Martin also profiled Tudball for the Santa Cruz Sentinel last month.





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