Ted Holladay is getting roasted

February 21, 2014

You might not know Ted Holladay personally, but there’s a very good chance you’ve seen his design work.

Holladay has run his own design studio in Santa Cruz for the past eight years, and has worked on such designs and rebranding campaigns as the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History, Betty Burgers, NextSpace, the Santa Cruz Public Libraries and numerous others.

Recently, however, Holladay was finding that things were slowing down at his studio and so he ventured over the hill to take a job as a a creative director in San Jose.

He hated it.

So now he’s back at the Santa Cruz studio full-time and as a way of welcoming him back, his friends and colleagues will be roasting him at, appropriately, Verve Coffee Roasters in Seabright.

The idea of a roast goes to Matthew Swinnerton of Event Santa Cruz.

And while it’s all going to be in good fun, Holladay admits he’s a little nervous to see what his friends come up with. If it goes well, this could launch the start of a series of such roasts of local movers and shakers, meaning Holladay is something of a guinea pig tonight.

The Roasting of Ted Holladay is free and open to the public, but you have to register. It takes place tonight at 7 p.m. at Verve’s Seabright location, 104 Bronson Street. (It’s next to the Pacific Edge Climbing Gym.)  The, uh, roasters will include Jeremy Neuner of NextSpace, Eric Johnson of Hilltromper, Michael Hendricks of Altera, Darrin Caddes of Plantronics, and Margaret Rosas of Looker.


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