Santa Cruz Tech: Pearl (Automation) gleaming with success

June 25, 2016

Thanks to Santa Cruz Tech Beat for keeping us up-to-date on what’s happening tech-wise on this side of Highway 17. There’s quite the burgeoning industry.

One of the latest critical tech darlings to come out of Santa Cruz  (er, Scotts Valley) is Pearl Automation, the brainchild of some Apple alums.

From Ars Technica, a leading tech pub:

“There have been a lot of rumors over the past year or so about Apple secretly working on a car. While we don’t have anything concrete to report on that front, we do know that some former Apple employees have left the mothership to work on car-related tech. Their company is called¬†Pearl, and it just emerged from stealth mode with a rather cool wireless backup camera system, called RearVision.

As you might know, Congress has mandated that all cars from 2019 have a backup camera installed. And indeed, many new cars come with backup cameras already, with varying quality (some of them are truly horrible). But with about 260 million cars already on the road, the vast majority have to rely on old-fashioned mirrors to see behind them. Enter RearVision. We spoke with company cofounder and CEO Bryson Gardner ahead of the launch to find out a bit more. (Read the rest of the article here.)”

Check out more from Wired, too.

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