Santa Cruz designers in New York Times style magazine

October 5, 2013

Santa Cruz natives Kate and Laura Mulleavy, the sister designers behind Rodarte, are profiled in a new piece in the latest issue of T, the New York Times style magazine.

The piece, titled For Rodarte, a Santa Cruz State of Mind, looks at how their roots have influenced the designers, and examines what the author thinks of as the “Santa Cruz state of mind.”

Santa Cruz at night reminds you that you never ran away with the anarcho-Buddhist named Ash in your postmodernism class, but you would have, and maybe that’s him, the hangdog goth crossing Beach Street in a black bandanna and black cargo pants, carrying a black knapsack, black sleeping bag, black skateboard and a 12-pack of beer at noon the next day.

“That guy has everything,” Kate Mulleavy says, twisting in the passenger seat to look. “Except he needs a black dog.”

In the van, playing backseat tour guide, Laura Mulleavy turns, too. “That’s so funny. That’s definitely the kind of guy who lives here.”

“Yeah. That’s definitely the guy.”

“Gosh, things don’t change,” Laura says, her voice like peaches in a can. “That really makes me laugh.”

With Ash out of sight, Kate turns — reluctantly — from the window. She speaks a little more softly than her sister. “That is funny,” Kate says.

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