Body Love Burlesque is back

December 4, 2013

429277_10100682579951203_10224178_56629138_956348209_nEarlier this year, Laina Copley hosted her first “Body Love Burlesque” series. 

Copley —  who has been dancing for years — told Santa Cruz News in September, doing burlesque can provide performers with tons of positive reinforcement and validation that you’re OK how you are, she says. She launched her eight-week ”Body Love Burlesque Boot Camp” in the fall with a focus on building and developing a burlesque character and learning dance moves as well as promoting female solidarity and relationships.

Now the class is back, but this time it’s being done drop-in style, so if you can’t commit to going every week, that’s totally fine.

The class begins tonight at 7 p.m. at the Tannery Arts Center and will continue through March. Each session is an hour. The cost for dropping in on one class per diem is $15, but you can also buy a package of four classes for $48 or eight for $80. And if Wednesdays are no good for you, Copley says she’ll be adding more classes in the coming year and would love feedback about what nights are best. Email her at

A little more from Copley:

First of all, I know showing up for your first burlesque class can be intimidating, I know it was for me! I will do my very best to make this class a safe, supportive and non-competitive space. Don’t worry if you’ve never taken a class before, or don’t know exactly what burlesque is.  This class will be super easy to follow and low pressure! (I promise the most stripping we’ll do is taking off a glove or two!)

If you’ve never been to the Tannery dance studio before, it can be a little confusing. If this is your first class in the space, try to arrive 10 minutes early so you can park and find the spot without feeling rushed.  The class is in the main dance studio, which is technically 1060 River St.  If you are coming from downtown or the HWY, drive through the stop light at Encinal St, and turn into the next driveway on your right.  Park in any spot that says guest parking and then walk into the center of the cluster of buildings and you should see the studio.

 As far as attire, typical dance clothes are perfect – leggings, yoga pants, stretchy shorts, tank tops/t-shirts. If you want to wear something more “sexy” feel free, but only if you feel comfortable. We’ll dance barefoot, so you don’t have to bring any special kind of shoes.


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