Aptos mom skydiving to raise money for son battling Lou Gehrig’s Disease

April 11, 2013

KION has a story today about a 71-year-old Aptos woman who is planning to skydive later this morning as part of a fundraising effort for her son, who has Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

The television station reports:

“Joan Valor’s life changed eight years ago when her son, Eric Valor, was diagnosed with a form of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), better known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. ALS is a disease that causes nerve cells to fail and eventually forcing muscles and other body organs to voluntarily die and has a life expectancy of 2-5 years.

Eric Valor was 36 when he was diagnosed with the deadly disease that has no cure. Before the news, Eric was an athlete of many sports, including surfing. Now 8 years later, he can only move his face and lives in his ocean theme bedroom in Aptos under 24-hour care.”

To help pay the ever-increasing medical bills, Joan decided to jump out of a plane. She’s leaving from the Marina Airport at 11 a.m. today. Read more in Eric’s blog, Friends4Eric.¬†KION has a video interview with Joan on their website.¬†

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