73-year-old Cabrillo College student gave up drug addiction for academics

May 1, 2013

Samantha Gillespie has an interesting profile on Santa Cruz Patch this week about a 73-year-old Cabrillo College student with a history of drug use who turned his life around and went back to school at a time when most of his peers were retiring.

Allen Ing made thousands as a real estate broker in Silicon Valley during his younger years but got very involved with drugs and alcohol, and later served a stint in federal prison.

“When he earns his degree, he will be the first of his 10 siblings to graduate from college. At 73, he’s one of the oldest students on campus and one semester away from transferring to San Jose State to study social science. At 68, Ing decided to attend Cabrillo for a computer class; by the end of that day, he’d enrolled as a full-time student. He’s spending nine hours a day, five days a week on campus.”

Ing’s story is a definite inspiration for anyone thinking about making a change in their life but fearing it might be too late.

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