Strike at UC Santa Cruz

November 20, 2013

The strike is on at UC Santa Cruz today. 

The university has a page on its website with updates on what’s going on with the strike in terms of its effect on entrance into and exit from the campus.

According to KTVU:

Picketers striking in support of workers at five University of California medical centers shut down all traffic on the UC Santa Cruz campus early Wednesday, forcing the cancellation of some classes, school officials said.

UC Santa Cruz officials sent out email and twitter notifications to their students telling them that both entrances to the campus had been blocked by picketers.

“Please do not drive or come to campus as vehicular access to the campus is not available at this time,” the alert read.

The university’s latest update, posted at 9 a.m., warns: “Strike activities continue at both entrances to campus. Members of the campus community who live off campus are advised to not drive or come to campus. Because of a shortage of staff, many offices or buildings will not be opened this morning. For people already on campus, one campus library, McHenry, is open. The Student Health Center is also open with limited staffing.”

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