Should Santa Cruz downtown smoking ban be extended?

September 9, 2013

City officials are considering extending the downtown smoking ban in Santa Cruz to include streets beyond Pacific Avenue.

courtesy of wikipedia

courtesy of wikipedia

The City Council will vote Tuesday — that’s tomorrow — on whether to extend the smoking ban to include side streets for a block in either direction off Pacific Avenue, from Water to Laurel streets, J.M. Brown of the Santa Cruz Sentinel reports.

From Brown’s piece:

The council approved the smoking ban for downtown’s main commercial corridor in 2009, but the move pushed smokers onto side streets. Smokers now congregate on side streets, alley ways and parking lots, shifting the problem of secondhand smoke and cigarette butts to the doorsteps of other businesses, city officials said.

“They are staying as close as they can and it’s problematic for customers,” Vice Mayor Lynn Robinson said. “I know it’s inconvenient for people not to smoke where they are, but we are not asking them to go much further.”

So? What do you think? Should the ban be extended to include a larger swath of downtown? The council meeting takes place tomorrow at 2 p.m. at City Hall for any interested residents wishing to attend.

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