Repair the Seabright Beach peace sign

May 21, 2013



Courtesy of flickr user lostintheredwoods

Courtesy of flickr user lostintheredwoods

Last month, a marine sanctuary sign at Seabright State Beach was torn down and set afire. A volunteer found the remains and reported it to Save Our Shores, the nonprofit organization that raised the money to install the $1,500 display. The vandalism came after the sign had already been shot at and damaged in other ways, a blow for those who use the beach regularly, including dog walkers. The display also contained a box of dog bags, a great help to those wishing to keep the beach clean.

Another blow to the beach was struck last week with the destruction of the giant peace sign that’s adorned the beach since Sept. 11, 2011. The sign, made of various vegetation, has undergone numerous transformations in the past couple of years — including a brief stint in which it was rearranged to look like a baseball in honor of the San Francisco Giants. On at least one other occasion, the vegetation was rearranged to spell out a marriage proposal. Still, the sign has always managed to be put back together.

Last weekend, community members report, state workers bulldozed the giant peace sign, much to the chagrin of some residents. A group of volunteers is looking to get others to meet up with them Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon to repair the sign. Attendees are asked to bring dried vegetation if possible. The group will meet at the base of the stairs at Third Avenue.



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