Oculus unveils new VR headset – the Santa Cruz

October 8, 2016

Oculus has released the latest prototype of its Rift virtual reality headset and they’ve named it after our fair city.

Meet the Santa Cruz.

From Ars Technica: 

“I got a chance to try out an early prototype of Oculus’ effort, dubbed the “Santa Cruz” prototype, at the company’s Oculus Connect conference late this week. The prototype isn’t perfect, but it already shows a lot of promise and a distinct vision for what portable VR will look like in the future.

Oculus wouldn’t let me take pictures of the Santa Cruz headset (or even record audio of my demo time), but there isn’t much to see. The prototype looks like a retail Oculus Rift (sans wires) with the addition of a semi-exposed motherboard, roughly the size of a deck of playing cards, driving things from the rear of the headstrap. The glass apertures of four outward-facing cameras (about a centimeter in diameter each) are barely noticeable embedded in the four corners on the front of the display housing.”

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