Mountain lion update

June 14, 2013

Remember that mountain lion that got stuck in an aqueduct last month and had to be tranquilized?

Well, it turns out the big guy’s doing OK after that ordeal.

The Santa Cruz Puma Project, a partnership between UC Santa Cruz and the California Dept. of Fish and Game, reports that the animal – 39M – appears to be doing pretty well.  The young male has been spotted more or less in the area where he was released after being rescued from the aqueduct in Santa Cruz.

“And, what has 39M been eating?  From the handful of gps locations we’ve gone out and visited in-person, he’s adopted a healthy puma diet of fawns and raccoons.  That 39M is successfully catching normal puma prey and sustaining himself indicates to us that he emerged from his urban experience and collaring in good condition and has the skills he needs to survive.”

Eds. note: A puma is another name for a mountain lion, as are cougar, panther and catamount. 

In other mountain lion-related news, another big cat was reportedly spotted this morning near Neary Lagoon. Police urged residents to be cautious and secure their pets and children.


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