County residents believe pet cat was killed by mountain lion

June 28, 2013

Well, here’s another reason to keep your cats indoors…


A group of residents who live just outside of Santa Cruz city limits believe a mountain lion may have been responsible for the death of their beloved cat, White Kitty.

Residents throughout the area have been reporting sightings of mountain lions in recent weeks, including the big cat who got stuck in an aqueduct off Ocean Street in May.  There have also been reports of mountain lions around Neary Lagoon and the westside of Santa Cruz. 

Wardens from the California Fish and Game Department have told residents they don’t think the mountain lions are necessarily dangerous to people, but have advised that residents keep their pets indoors.
is wise to bring your animals indoors at night. Although still a fairly rare occurrence, domestic animals can be an easy meal for mountain lions and other wild predators.”

Officials with the Mountain Lion Foundation remind people that “if you live in or around mountain lion habitat, it

White Kitty’s body was found on June 18, about 100 feet from the cat’s home on Ocean Street extension, said Lindsay Goldberg, one of the cat’s owners. She said she and her housemates originally thought their pet had been killed by coyotes, though one of them later saw a mountain lion not far from where White Kitty’s body was found.

While the cat’s owners can’t prove it was a mountain lion who killed their beloved pet, the incident certainly is a good reminder to everyone to be careful of their pets.

Goldberg says of the seven-year-old cat:

“White Kitty is survived by his favorite companion Lindsay G. and his beloved Jason. Among those those who miss him the most are Pawsome, Mike D., Tory, Elise, Paul, Nate, Jessica, Taylor, Brandon, Kara, and Cerise. He was a rock to those that knew him and he will remain a legend in the hearts of many others.”

Here’s a photo of the memorial WK’s owners and loved ones held for him.


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  1. Lindsay
    August 14, 2013 at 10:44 am

    Hi Jess,
    I never knew this made it onto the website until just now. Thanks for posting about WK! He is missed every day.

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