Bryan Stow’s attackers plead guilty

February 20, 2014

The two men charged with severely beating Bryan Stow at Dodgers Stadium have pleaded guilty.

Marvin Norwood and Louie Sanchez were arrested in connection with the near fatal attack on Stow, a Live Oak paramedic. The March 2011 incident occurred during the Giants-Dodgers opening game.

The pair pleaded guilty to mayhem, assault, battery and other counts today. Norwood was sentenced to four years; Sanchez was sentenced to eight years in prison.

KSBW reports:

Addressing the defendants from the bench, Judge George Lomeli said he rarely comments at sentencings but said the attack on Stow was “absolutely brutal, absolutely vicious.”

The judge chastised Sanchez for smirking and both defendants for showing “no remorse whatsoever.”

“You are the biggest nightmare for individuals that attend public event. My biggest fear is that we run into people like you who have no civility and no respect for individuals. In the end, it was only a game,” Lomeli said.

Stow, 45, is a father of two and worked as a paramedic until he was nearly beaten to death and suffered major brain damage. He must take 13 medications throughout the day and two different anti-seizure medications.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Stow’s family attended the court date and addressed the defendants.

From the LA Times:

His sister, Erin Collins, addressed his attackers in court after they pleaded guilty to charges related to their roles in the attack — Sanchez to one count of mayhem, Norwood to assault causing great bodily injury.

“Being here, I’d hoped to see a tiny bit of remorse to not think you both are that despicable,” she said, before pausing to look at them seated behind a table. “But I don’t.”

“I feel sad for us and I feel sad for your families,” she added. “I hope you understand what you did.”


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