Verve Coffee Roasters to expand in Los Angeles

August 14, 2013

312726_10150409074078401_1433122507_nI posted this on the Facebook page last week but forget to include it on here. Silly me!

Our own Verve Coffee Roasters are expanding to Los Angeles and possibly San Francisco.

Inside Scoop SF has the lowdown:

“Based in Santa Cruz, Verve Coffee Roasters often slips under the radar. But after getting off to a quiet start in 2007 with a tiny combined cafe and roastery in Pleasure Point, on Santa Cruz’s east side, the roasting company now has three Santa Cruz locations and its beans have risen to the ranks of the country’s best.

After earlier announcing that the company will branch out to Los Angeles, co-founder and green coffee buyer Colby Barr now says they are also looking for locations in San Francisco.  Co-founder Ryan O’Donovan hails from the Bay Area, and they’ve always wanted to open a location here. In fact they almost founded their company in San Francisco — if not for the pull of Santa Cruz’ beaches, where O’Donovan grew up surfing. Barr insists that they won’t expand beyond coastal California, which has a lifestyle they consider to be part of their brand identity.”

LA Weekly has more info about Verve’s expansion there. Shoutout to Jennifer Squires of Patch for also pointing out the LA Weekly piece.

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