The Penny Ice Creamery in Modern Farmer

June 14, 2013

The beautiful glossy magazine “Modern Farmer,” which launched a few months ago, takes a close look at the connection between local farms and the Penny Ice Creamery in this month’s issue.

(Side note: The publication’s website is very well-designed and is a treat to browse. The print edition, while a bit pricey, is equally lovely. The photos are beautiful – even the paper is high-quality.)

“Of course, working with food always requires compliance with health and safety regulations, from hand-sinks to hair nets, not all of which are perfectly written or enforced. Owners Kendra Baker and Zachary Davis has made a virtue of necessity, displaying the pasteurization process through windows into the clean room and building a reputation as can-do business owners. Since opening in 2010, Baker and Davis have added two more ice cream locations and a sandwich shop called The Picnic Basket — and The Penny also plays an important role in a larger ecosystem of small businesses in the area, particularly farms. Making ice cream from scratch provides the flexibility to incorporate whatever produce is abundant in a given moment, and farmers know that the ice cream makers can often find a place for produce that hasn’t sold elsewhere.”

The piece also looks closely at the farms and local producers that Baker and Davis source their ingredients from. Several other local places get a little lip service to boot.

On a related note: The Penny lists their daily flavors via social media, in case you’re wondering what today’s selection might be.


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