The hunt for the best burrito

February 19, 2014

My colleague Jacob Pierce at the Santa Cruz Weekly has boldly taken one for the team and in the interest of intrepid gustatory reporting, has put together a guide to the best local burritos. 

Coming in at the top of JP’s list:

1. Taqueria Delicias 2, Watsonville

Super pollo burrito, $4.29

It doesn’t even matter what you order at Delicias. You’ll always drive away happy. I’ve tried the leanest meats and the greasiest—including cabeza and crispy tripas (head and intestines, respectively), and it’s all amazing. But for my money, you can’t go wrong with the light and simple chicken, which highlights the freshness of the burrito’s avocado, tomato and lettuce. And their flour tortillas are always so tasty fresh, it’s like they were made five seconds earlier.

2. Tacos Moreno, Santa Cruz

Super birria burrito, $6.50

When I left Tacos Moreno off my list last time, I got a lot of questions: “Why did you do that? Do you really call yourself a journalist? Where do you live, so I can throw al pastor at your bedroom window?” But see, I used to go to the Moreno at UCSC, when the taqueria had a location at Merrill College. And, hey, it was pretty good before it closed… but not, I now realize, as good as the original location on Water Street, with its crunchy tortillas and thickly marinated barbecue beef—far and away their tastiest achievement. Also in my defense: the location on campus did not serve barbecue beef.


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