San Francisco Chronicle checks out our coffee shops…again

August 19, 2013

We may not be the foodie mecca that San Francisco is, but our brethren to the north apparently can’t get enough of our coffee shops.

Tara Duggan writes on

“Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting Co. helped establish the coffee scene in the 1970s with its innovative “BrewBar” (see below), an early adopter of today’s popular pour-over coffee trend.

Groundbreaking hometown roaster Verve, which started out in sleepy Pleasure Point, now has two downtown locations and can hold its own against high-end Bay Area counterparts.

Finally, Lulu Carpenter‘s has two popular cafes plus keeps up a presence at local farmers’ markets.

These three roasters have cafes downtown, all within a short walk, so the caffeine-intrepid can easily try them all. Each has other locations around Santa Cruz or supplies other cafes, and Verve also sells its coffee in the Bay Area and is planning to expand to Los Angeles.”

Check out her full piece here. 

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