Try this: Kraut juice shots from Farmhouse Culture

August 15, 2013

photo (61)The post yesterday about Farmhouse Culture kraut reminded me that I’ve never written about one of my favorite things here in Santa Cruz.

Kraut juice shots.

Yes, you read that right.

There is no alcohol in these bad boys. It’s just a small Dixie Cup-sized “shot” of fresh, cold, briney kraut juice.

They sell them for $1 a pop at Farmhouse Culture‘s stand at the downtown farmers market on Wednesdays and the Aptos Farmers Market on Saturdays.

Sauerkraut – the fermented kind, notsomuch the kind you buy in a can for 99 cents — is something of a superfood. It’s loaded with beneficial bacteria that helps your digestive system — aka probiotics — and it also has vitamins such as A and C, among other nutritional perks. It’s also just plain tasty.

So what does a shot of kraut juice taste like? It’s a little salty, a little sweet and rich in cabbage-y flavor. The available flavors vary, but I think my favorite is the garlic pickle. The kim chee shot is great for those who like life a little spicier, and I’m also a major fan of the classic caraway. The ginger beet is a little too sweet for my liking but for those who love beet juice, I’d recommend it.

The “juice” is actually the brine from the kraut, and it’s got a slight effervescence to it. It won’t leave you with the most aromatic breath but it will certainly tickle your taste buds and sooth your stomach a bit. I like to follow it up with a couple of oysters, personally. Here’s to living the good life!

Of course, if you prefer your kraut juice a little fancier, you could always whip up a krautini. 


Thanks go out to my friends John and Les for turning me onto these bad boys in the first place!

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