Dr. Kefir’s partners with Verve Coffee Roasters on new fermented beverage

January 2, 2014

From Serious Eats:

In a collaboration most of us didn’t even know was possible, Santa Cruz beverage artisans Dr. Kefir and Verve Coffee Roasters have introduced a new, non-dairy probiotic fermented kefir beverage brewed with Verve’s Streetlevel coffee blend.

The unusual pairing was a natural extension of Dr. Kefir founder Brian Lovejoy’s own drink-curiosity. “I’m an experimenter so I try to ferment everything I love,” says Lovejoy. Hopefully that does not extend to family, friends and pets—but it did extend to coffee.

Dr. Kefir’s, which makes sparkling probiotic beverages, is based on the westside and Verve’s main roastery is currently in Seabright. This latest venture is just yet another example of the synergy that exists among our local businesses. I can’t wait to try it and luckily for us, “it is also only available, for now, in Santa Cruz. (Luckily it comes in a preserving-friendly Grolsch-style bottle, so if you can restrain yourself, you can savor the drink a little at a time.)”

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