Science on Tap: The Importance of Dark Matter

September 25, 2013

Science on Tap returns to the Crepe Place tonight with a look at dark matter.

The free monthly series, presented by UC Santa Cruz Women in Science and Engineering, brings an expert to talk about a scientific topic while folks enjoy some beverages and food in the Seabright mainstay’s lovely backyard garden/patio.

Tonight at 7 p.m., Dr. Stefano Profumo of the university’s physics department will discuss the importance of dark matter throughout the universe.

Here’s the description of tonight’s talk:

The universe appears to be dominated by an unknown form of matter, known as “dark matter”, responsible for pulling matter together and for holding together galaxies such as our own Milky Way, and by an even more mysterious form of energy, known as “dark energy”, which governs the fate and expansion of the universe. Dr. Profumo will discuss how we got convinced that the universe is indeed “dark” and how we think we can discover what dark matter and energy are.

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