Fun-a-Day launches for a 10th year

January 2, 2014

Fun-a-Day is here!

The Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History has launched its annual Fun-a-Day project for a 10th year. Community members are invited to pick a project and do it every day in January. A group show of all works will be held the following month.

The museum is playing host to a Fun-a-Day kickoff party tomorrow, Jan. 3rd. Bring your projects and materials for a craft night work-a-thon. Attendees are also invited to bring their past Fun-A-Day works for show-and-tell and inspiration. Projects are due at the museum Feb. 1 with drop-off hours slated for 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Museum staff promise they’ll “try their darnedest” to ensure all works get to be in the show. (They must be appropriate for an all-ages venue. ) The show will open on Feb. 7 in connection with First Friday.

Last January, artists in more than 20 cities chose a project (such as taking a photo each day, making the bed each day, drawing a picture, baking a cake, etc) as part of Fun-a-Day. More inspiration is available online. 


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