Event Santa Cruz returns tonight

January 15, 2014

Event Santa Cruz, the new interactive lecture/networking series in town, returns to the Nick tonight for a fifth time.

This month’s theme is The Extreme (Entrepreneur) Sports Night.

The lineup of speakers will feature:

  • Darryl ‘Flea’ Virostko – Three time consecutive Mavericks winner, Founder of FleaHab Inc
  • Bud Freitas – Local Surfer, Teacher and Entrepreneur, Owner of Surf School Santa Cruz
  • Lydia Snider – Social media stratagist, Kitesurfer, LydiaSnider.com
  • Regan “Shamrock N. Roller” Eymann – Two consecutive MVP winner/founding member Santa Cruz Derby Girls, Producer Tam Communications, Director of Development of TuffCubby Entertainment
  • Tracy Cone – Outrigger canoe racer (Outrigger Santa Cruz) and owner/acupuncturist, Santa Cruz Wellness
  • Terry Campion – Owner at Santa Cruz Boardroom and Santa Cruz Apparel
  • Terri Schneider – Endurance athlete, speaker, writer, coach, consultant

Sadly, surfer and musician Ashley Llloyd Thompson, who was scheduled to perform, has had to cancel.

I spoke recently with Tracy Cone, who says she will focus her talk tonight on how participating in an extreme sport has helped her as an independent business owner.

“Being part of a team sport and being in sometimes extreme positions (teaches you that) self-preservation can be of the utmost importance,” she says.

Being part of a team makes you realize it’s not just about me, she says. Some of the times she’s been racing, she’s found herself in potentially life-threatening situations.

“It’s the kind of thing of situation where you think ‘ok, I’m just going to poop my pants or I’m just going to do it,’” she says. “(You realize) it’s not about me – it’s about the team, and that’s what I’ve learned as a business person too.”

As an acupuncturist and wellness coach, she says she’s learned it’s really about what the client wants and it’s about the idea of a partnership for health.

Cone will be speaking more about her experiences along with her fellow speakers tonight at 7 p.m. Tickets are $10.



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