Cocktails and cougars at the Crepe Place tonight

June 26, 2013
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

This month’s Science on Tap event, happening tonight, is definitely a timely topic.

UC Santa Cruz PhD candidate Yiwei Wang will be presenting about the Santa Cruz Puma Project, specifically “Investigating Mountain Lion Behavior in a Human-Dominated Landscape.”

Wang will be discussing what it means to be “next door neighbors with a large carnivore, the mountain lion or puma.” Wang will also talk about how the animals try to stay clear of humans but are finding it more difficult as the human population expands into previously undeveloped areas.

There will also be a slideshow and demonstration of tracking equipment.

The Santa Cruz Puma Project is a partnership between UC Santa Cruz and the California Department of Fish and Game that’s focused on developing a state-of-the-art wildlife-tracking collar and studying wild mountain lions in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Given the recent reports of mountain lions in residential areas, this seems like a pretty topical event.

The Science on Tap series, modeled after other “science cafe” models, is aimed at bringing the community together with researchers at UCSC. It’s a relaxed vibe, where attendees can grab a drink and hear about the cutting edge science going on in their own area. The informal atmosphere also means there’s plenty of room for questions and answers.

The events, usually held on the last Wednesday of the month, take place at the Crepe Place. Tonight’s talk starts at 8 p.m. on the outdoor patio.


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