Deadline approaching to run for judge

February 4, 2014

In case you were considering a run for judge in Santa Cruz County this year, you better get your declaration in fast. According to Gail Pellerin, the county’s clerk and go-to for all things elections, the deadline is tomorrow, Feb. 5. Candidates for Santa Cruz County Superior Court Judge are required to file a Declaration…

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RIP, Santa Cruz Patch

January 30, 2014

With little warning or fanfare, we got word that as of yesterday, Santa Cruz Patch will be no more. We’d already lost the Watsonville, Capitola and Scotts Valley Patch sites – but Santa Cruz had been left to hold the torch. The move comes as dozens of Patch staffers were laid off, the latest casualties…

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AP: Monarch population in Mexico declining

January 29, 2014

According to a new report from the Associated Press, the monarch butterfly population is in decline. MEXICO CITY (AP) – The number of Monarch butterflies wintering in Mexico plunged this year to its lowest level since studies began in 1993, leading experts to announce Wednesday that the insects’ annual migration from the United States and…

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Mountain biking at UC Santa Cruz

January 29, 2014

My buds over at Hilltromper recently helped complete an interesting survey on mountain biking at the upper UC Santa Cruz campus. Until recently, I had no idea that it’s technically prohibited (and apparently that isn’t stopping most people.) Here’s a glimpse from Traci Hulkill: Four out of five mountain bikers surveyed at Upper UCSC say…

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Appeals filed in animal cruelty lawsuit against Santa Cruz Biotech

January 28, 2014

A lawsuit filed against Santa Cruz Biotechnology is currently on appeal in the California state courts system. The Animal Legal Defense Fund filed the suit on behalf of Stop Animal Exploitation Now last January. That suit came after numerous allegations of neglect and mistreatment of the animals housed at the facility. The U.S. Department of…

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Santa Cruz County health officials report two more flu cases

January 24, 2014

The county’s health department today announced two more flu cases, bringing the number of people who have required treatment in intensive care for the flu to a total of eight, the Sentinel reports. There have been a reported 29 fatalities linked to the illness in the Bay Area recently, including at least one in Santa…

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The Bay Area is America’s 97th least Bible-minded region

January 23, 2014

A new study out this week from the American Bible Society has selected the San Francisco/Oakand/San Jose area as the 97th “least Bible-minded” city in the U.S. Ranking as the official least Bible-minded are the metro areas of Providence, R.I., and New Bedford, Mass., at 100 and 99.  Our greater metro region ranks at 97, just…

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Mavericks Invitational to be held Friday

January 22, 2014

Looks like the contest is on! Jeff Clark has given the Mavericks Invitational the green light for Friday, which gives the invited surfers 48 hours to make their way to Princeton-on-the-Sea to ride the big waves. Julie Jag of the Santa Cruz Sentinel reports: “With this big of a swell coming at us, we really…

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City of Santa Cruz Prepares for Continued Water Shortage

January 13, 2014

Press release from the city: CITY OF SANTA  CRUZ WATER DEPARTMENT PREPARING FOR CONTINUED WATER SHORTAGE Santa Cruz – The City of Santa Cruz Water Department is preparing for what could be the third straight year of dry weather. Unlike many other communities in California, the city of Santa Cruz is 100% dependent upon local…

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Interview with Looker co-founder Marc Randolph on Netflix CEO Reed Hastings

January 10, 2014

The Silicon Valley Business Journal this week has an interesting interview with Marc Randolph, co-founder of Netflix, that’s focused on the CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings. Randolph left Netflix in 2002 and has been an active investor and booster of the tech community here in Santa Cruz. He’s on the board of Looker, a business…

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