Glow Festival returns to the Museum of Art and History

October 15, 2014

The annual even Glow: Festival of Fire and Light is hands-down my favorite event in Santa Cruz.

Last year I had a blast shaking my booty to the sights and sounds of the Dancetronauts, among other fun performances.

Check out this piece from KQED:

“Suffering from Post-Burn Blues? The GLOW Light and Fire Festival might help. The two-night event is spearheaded by local artists Steve Cooper and Drew Detweiler. Cooper brings the Fire, curating his Burner friends’ art for locals who didn’t make it to the Playa. Detweiller, a full-time video projection and installation artist, brings the Light component through his network of friends who are more on the tech side of things. Turns out there was so much interest from artists wanting to participate and the huge crowd that showed up (literally like moths to flames) the event had to be split into two evenings.

A dizzying array of visuals, sounds and performances are packed into the relatively small Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History, but the museum’s willingness to partner with artists and creatives is a big win for the community. The venue provides space and resources while keeping the artists at the helm, which ensures an authentic experience — for a place like Santa Cruz, this is crucial.”

From the MAH website (full details here):

GLOW is a two-night fire and digital art festival. 

Friday October 17th 2014, 7-10PM

The museum will be electrified with glowing dances, laser magic tricks, projections, LED sculptures, interactive digital art and giant shadow puppets.  Explore a blacklight activity room full of crafts, glowing face paint and body art tattoos.  Learn about why things glow with UCSC scientists and glow in the dark with friends and family.

Saturday October 18th 2014, 7-10PM

Cooper Street and Abbott Square will be glowing with fire dancing, flaming fire art sculptures, radiating music and dancing in the streets. Local fire artists will show their latest burning man creations of fire art that will ignite into musical flames, burning branches and fire cannonades.

So come enjoy the show. Come GLOW!

Advance tickets are available here for both nights. There are discounts for MAH members and for people who buy tickets to both nights of the festival.

This event is CASH ONLY the night of. Please do not bring strollers.

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